Frequently Asked Questions

What is LedgerFest?

LedgerFest is Columbia University’s first blockchain and crypto conference. Through this event, we aim to expose students to companies and industry leaders doing phenomenal work in the distributed ledger environment.

Where will LedgerFest be held?

LedgerFest will be held in the Columbia Business School on the 3rd floor of Uris Hall.

Who can attend?

Anyone is welcome to attend! We welcome attendees from Columbia University including: Barnard, CC, SEAS, General Studies as well as any of the graduate schools as well as students and DLT enthusiasts from the community at large. Simply provide evidence of your ticket purchase at the registration table on the 3rd floor of Uris Hall.

What is the cost to attend?

LedgerFest is free for students with valid ID. General admission is $40. LedgerFest is not-for-profit and all revenue will go towards the summit.

Do I need to attend the entire day?

No, we have plenty of events spread throughout the day. Feel free to attend any and all events that are of interest to you.

Will there be food?

Yes lunch and snacks will be provided throughout the day, thanks to our generous sponsors.