Event schedule

February 15th

Day 1
Opening Statement
  • Nir Kabessa Blockchain at Columbia

Voting and blockchain
  • Santiago Siri Democracy Earth

Understanding Cryptocurrency, Exchanges and Custody Solutions
  • Brian KimJohnson Gemini

  • Jamie Chapman Gemini

Stablecoin Panel
  • Sam Trautwein Carbon-12 Labs

  • Omid Malekan Citi Ventures

  • Claudio Guazzoni dei Zanett Stably

International Applications of Blockchain
  • Ariana Fowler Frontiers

  • Joyce Yang Global Coin Research

Lunch Break and Networking

The best time to talk with speakers and attendees

Simulating Cryptoeconomic Stability
  • Tarun Chitra Gauntlet Networks

Columbia-IBM Center for Blockchain and Data Transparency
  • Juliette Fisbein Columbia-IBM Center for Blockchain and Data Transparency

Trustworthy Smart Contracts
  • Monica Quaintance Kadena

Legal Regulation in Crypto
  • Chi-Ru Jou CKR Law LLP

Hedera Hashgraph Protocol
  • Tom Trowbridge Hedera Hashgraph

cmorq Data Structure for Blockchain Data
  • Hossein Azari cmorq

ConsenSys operations
  • Ade Ajanaku ConsenSys

  • Faisal Kahn ConsenSys

Building Blockchains for Capital Markets
  • Emily Yu Axioni

  • Josh Dillon Axoni

Permissioned Ledgers Panel
  • Tom Trowbridge Hedera Hashgraph

  • George Calle R3

  • Eilon Shalev Elphi

  • Levente Barczy Digital Asset

The emergence of enterprise tokens: Understanding it and its use cases.
  • Jamiel Sheikh Chainhaus

Blockchain and Investment Banking Panel
  • Matthew Austin JP Morgan

Beyond Blockchain: Developing Technology for Decentralization
  • Vishakh Cryptonomic

ZCash Overview
  • Eran Tromer ZCash

Blockchain-based Distributed Shared Computing
  • Chong Li Nakamoto & Turing Labs, Columbia University, Canonchain Networks

Closing Remarks
  • Taylor Murrell Blockchain at Columbia